Who is the target audience for cosmetic dentistry?

Data from the AACD from Target the Right Markets reveals that 96 percent of patients who apply for cosmetic dentistry are women and more than 70 percent of patients are between 31 and 50 years old. Logically, this defines your target group. The key, of course, is how to reach this target group. The majority of people interested in cosmetic dentistry were between 25 and 34 years old, and represented 32.36%.

And other age groups, such as those aged 35 to 44, represented 20.56%. People interested in cosmetic dentistry between 18 and 24 years old represented 16.94%. If you want to specialize in high-end cosmetic services, you'll likely need to target high-income patients. Where do these patients live? In high-income areas.

Digital marketing strategies not only help aesthetic dentists achieve their new patient growth goals, but they also support long-term patient retention and continued revenue growth. For potential patients looking for a cosmetic dentist in their area and who don't know their office yet, an improved online presence will increase the chances of their office appearing in search results. Patients looking for a cosmetic dentist want the best care and service available and are willing to spend time finding the right office for them. From traditional dentists who are dedicated to aesthetic dentistry to the rise of over-the-counter and direct-sale products for straightening and whitening teeth, connecting potential patients to their dedicated office in a digital marketplace is more difficult than ever.

Like all companies in today's digital world, aesthetic dentists need a strong online presence. Having this information at their fingertips can help aesthetic dentists identify trends and make better decisions that support continued growth. Of course, you can ask your regular dentist, friends, or neighbors for suggestions, but ultimately, they'll turn to the nearest search engine to analyze these recommendations, or they'll find a new aesthetic dentist on their own. And to survive in today's competitive market, aesthetic dentists should always look for new ways to expand their business and increase their revenues.

And that's a good idea from a business point of view. If aesthetic dentists want to grow their practice, they must invest in innovative digital marketing strategies that focus on brand awareness, search engine optimization (SEO), and a favorable online reputation. Cosmetic dentists who establish a strong web presence and deploy the best digital marketing and advertising strategies can create greater local awareness of their office and, therefore, attract more new patients. Advertising for aesthetic dentists has shifted from focusing on glossy billboards and advertisements in magazines and radio to focusing on effective digital tactics that offer a higher return on investment.

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