Are there any alternatives to braces for teeth straightening in Charlotte?

The two orthodontic systems with transparent aligners, Invisalign and ClearCorrect, allow crooked teeth to be discreetly straightened with transparent trays that are placed over the teeth. Clear aligners, such as Invisalign, are the most popular alternative to braces for adults. Invisalign can correct anything from minor overbites and underbites to serious malocclusions. The orthodontist at Chad Johnson Orthodontics in Charlotte will provide a series of transparent, removable “molds” that are placed over the teeth.

The trays are manufactured in advance and, as the teeth change position, a new tray is placed to maintain pressure until the teeth are in the right place. You need a specialized dental mirror and the perfect point of view to see the lingual braces in your mouth. As it can be uncomfortable and embarrassing to have a mouth full of metal, they are looking for an alternative to orthodontic appliances for adults that give the same results as traditional metal braces, but that are much more discreet. Each type of alternative has its limitations, and you'll need to decide what you're prepared to live with for at least the next year to get your teeth in a healthy position.

While retainers can't address all issues related to crooked teeth, these fully removable, customized dental devices close the spaces between the teeth. The bottom line is that everyone needs to have straight teeth because it's easier to clean teeth when they're straight, which makes the mouth healthier overall. The first appointment allows the dental professional at Chad Johnson Orthodontics to custom design the veneers, and the second appointment is when the veneers will actually be placed on the teeth. Retainers are typically a removable dental device that is used to properly position teeth before or after treatment with orthodontic appliances.

It can be especially difficult for people with crooked or protruding teeth to achieve the ideal results they are looking for. The following list includes three options for straightening teeth that are considered an alternative to braces. If you want to straighten your teeth or treat a more serious problem, you may postpone a visit to the Chad Johnson orthodontist in NC because you don't want to be seen with metal braces. Retainers like the Essix Retainer are a perfect example of how to achieve a correct position instead of braces.

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