Can i replace old fillings with new ones using a cosmetic dental procedure?

Replacing old silver fillings with composites Many patients also choose to replace their silver fillings for aesthetic reasons. The composite is often a reference material because of its natural appearance and its effectiveness. Composite resin fillings are the most popular type of dental filling used in modern dental offices. Many of our patients have old silver (amalgam) fillings.

Some of these fillings need to be replaced for several reasons. Other people choose to replace theirs with a more cosmetic option. This blog will explain why some old silver fillings need to be replaced and what you can expect from the process. There are many reasons why old fillings need to be replaced, either with a composite filling or a dental crown.

Many dentists will recommend this option at some point if a patient has had a cavity that was once covered with an amalgam filling. IMPROVE YOUR SMILE BY REPLACING YOUR SILVER FILLINGS Originally used in the 19th century, silver fillings became the best remedy for tooth decay. Although they were better compared to older treatments, silver fillings had a lot of problems. Although many men and women are concerned about mercury poisoning caused by their old fillings, the unsightly appearance of silver fillings is the main reason why many Durham, North Carolina patients want to get rid of older fillings.

To improve the health and appearance of your smile, DentalWorks — Durham replaces silver fillings with contemporary tooth-colored fillings. This is just one of the many cosmetic dentistry procedures offered by our qualified group of dental professionals. The exchange of metal fillings for tooth-colored fillings can be done as a single procedure or with other procedures, for example, teeth whitening or dental veneers, as a complete smile renewal. If you're concerned about silver fillings, read on to discover the problems of amalgam fillings, the benefits of tooth-colored fillings, and also how to change metal fillings for a more attractive smile.

All fillings age at some point or another and will need to be replaced. Fillings can loosen as they age and allow bacteria to invade a tooth and introduce new decay into the tooth. If your metal fillings are aging, it might be the perfect time to replace them with tooth-colored composite fillings.

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