What should i expect during my first visit to a cosmetic dentist?

A smile design meeting between a patient and the aesthetic dentist will consist of both an aesthetic evaluation and a conventional evaluation. The conventional part will consist of a physical examination of the gums, teeth, and bite. The dentist will also take and evaluate the x-rays. The aesthetic part is usually more subjective.

A cosmetic dentist will consult with you before starting any type of treatment or procedure. This will allow you and your cosmetic dentist to evaluate what needs to be done to improve your smile. Just like the first visit to a family or general dentist, the first visit to a cosmetic dentist is more of a get-to-know you session. A cosmetic dentist needs to have a clear idea of a person's general oral health, as certain problems may need to be corrected before starting treatment.

As a result, many adults go to a cosmetic dentist to fix their smile and give them the confidence they want. It is imperative that patients feel comfortable with the care of a cosmetic dentist and that they trust the professional's skills.

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