What to expect on your first dentist visit at Merchants Walk Dental?

At Merchants Walk Dental in Marietta GA you can expect a complete exam of your teeth, jaws, bite, gums, and oral tissues to check for growth and development. If necessary, gentle cleaning can be performed, followed by polishing the teeth and removing plaque, tartar and stains. The dentist at Walk Dental can do a short tutorial on how to properly use dental floss and fluoride. We'll provide you with “sunglasses” to make sure the light doesn't bother you, or you can close your eyes and relax.

Your dentist at Merchants Walk Dental will use some dental instruments to gently check your gums and the health of your teeth. We'll spend unhurried time with your dentist to ask you questions, express your concerns, and discuss your treatment options. Every new relationship with a patient begins with a thorough exam, including x-rays, so that your dentist can first understand your needs and concerns and then adapt your hygiene treatment to your needs. During this exam, the patient's chair will be reclined and a light will be placed above their head so that the dentist can see their mouth well.

These fears can easily overcome your desire to take control of your health, leading to even more years going without visiting the dentist. You might hear your dentist talk about their findings while your dental hygienist and dental assistant take notes, and we'll also explain everything to you throughout the process.

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