What is a Dentist and How Can They Help You?

Are you wondering what a dentist is and how they can help you maintain good dental hygiene? A dentist, also known as a general dentist or family dentist, is a healthcare provider who diagnoses and treats oral health conditions.


help keep teeth and gums healthy with regular dental checkups and cleanings, as well as providing specialized Kids Dental Care. They can also perform a variety of oral health treatments, such as dental fillings, crowns and bridges. A dentist is responsible for taking care of the patient's teeth, gums, and overall oral health. They offer a number of services to help keep your mouth healthy.

These services include repairing broken teeth, filling cavities, removing cavities, straightening teeth, placing sealants, whitening teeth, and educating patients on proper oral hygiene. Additionally, dentists must be able to diagnose what is happening with the patient's mouth by reading x-rays and detecting possible jaw problems, gum disease or tooth decay. Dentistry involves the mouth, teeth, gums and related areas. Studies have shown that diseases related to the teeth and gums may be indicative of other health problems.

Oral health is essential to the overall health of the body and dentists will encourage and help their patients maintain a healthy mouth through regular cleanings and checkups.

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